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Jena Schwartz
Fierce Encouragement for Writing + Life

Want your writing to shine?


Having someone by your side as you do the hard work of shaping a poem, essay, or manuscript and preparing it to meet the world can be tremendously helpful.


That’s where our work together comes in


Whether you already have a book-length novel, memoir, piece of nonfiction, or collection of poems, or you’re somewhere in the murky middle feeling your way through, I’m here to be a pair of eyes and hands in the dark. I’ll come prepared to read closely both for what’s working well and to help you discern where your work in progress may need more or less.


“Working with Jena….

was magic. And that’s what I needed. An outside eye. Someone to suggest, to read, to listen, to be a mirror or a wall, to answer questions objectively. On the practical/professional side, she made sure that sessions were productive and to the point by showing up well prepared and by giving feedback in advance. On the artistic, creative side she was utterly dreamy, inspirational, and beyond description. Each time we ended the video, I knew what to do and was jazzed to do it… not that I always ended up where I thought I would, but that’s the point, right? My goal was to get my whole book to be more than its parts, to make 1+1=3 and Jena made it happen with her magic. I’m still not quite sure how.”

~Trayle Kulshan



Why work with me?

  • for a fresh perspective on  a work in progress;

  • for grammatical and stylistic suggestions that will elevate, not obscure, your inimitable voice;

  • for a partner in making decisions about the structure, order, titles, and overall shape of your project;

  • to explore the pros and cons of self-publishing; and

  • coaching through the steps and stages of self-publishing if that’s the route you choose.




We’ll customize a budget and timeline based on my hourly rate of $130.


Ready to Start?


To get started, drop me a note or just complete the form below, and we’ll set up an initial consultation to discuss your individual needs. If you’re looking for a working group, check out the Jewels on the Path intensive.


“Writing a book is….

a mostly solitary enterprise. But bringing that book into the world, requires trusting others. Working with an editor is like handing over your baby to someone you know ( a little), like ( a lot) but still — it’s your baby. It can bring up the biggest vulnerability and fear for the writer.  Working with Jena was so different than that. It felt like moving into a space between creation and delivery that was safe, exciting, creative, explorative and dare I say — magical. Jena combines the professional academics of writing with the understanding of deep creativity and a passion for bringing the best of each character and moment to life for the reader. She knew my characters by name, she talked about them as real people and her empathy, compassion, and laughter took this work to the finish line.  In the end, it was the process of having Jena as a guide that gave me the confidence to launch Forgetting Andrew into the world. And I’ll be forever grateful for her care and attention, and the friendship that blossomed in the process.”

~Tia Finn


Work with me

Ready to begin a conversation or want to customize an editing package? Please fill out the form below and I’ll get in touch within 24 hours to set up a time for us to connect.

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I’ve had the privilege of working with these authors in bringing their poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction into the world: