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Community Writers Fund



To listen for your own knowing and to receive encouragement and support from others…


These, I believe, are two of the most powerful things available to us in this life.


That's why I created the Community Writers Fund


"These scholarships are the fruit of the community, kindness, and compassion that Jena fosters in her writing circles.

More than once I have been gifted with one at just the right time, and found that the nurturing environment, as well as the practice of writing itself, have lifted me up and kept me moving forward. A light in dark times."

~ Khadijah Lacina


“By contributing to Jena's Community Writers Fund I am able to enliven the literary web; our stories are made more meaningful when they are in community with all of the other stories unfolding around them. A contribution is also an acknowledgement that life isn't actually fair; the opportunity to write is a gift I've been given and I want to pass it on. So much of our survival as writers and as humans is based on plain dumb luck. Why not be part of the magic river that is making luck happen for others?”

~Cristina Spencer


There are days when I just want to give it all away, as a way of saying: Thank you, life. I trust you.

Today is one of those days.


Why? Well, the truth is, all the days lately are one of those days.


* Because we are healthy, our taxes are done for another year, and both of these facts are miraculous.

* Because writing practice and supportive communities not only help us sort through our experiences of being human, but also move us toward real connections and conversations -- which our world desperately needs. These shouldn't be luxuries -- but for many, they are.   

* Because life is breathtaking and hard and simple and mysterious and lonely and wondrous, all at once. And we are all full of stories and need safe spaces to explore and share them.

* Because creativity is not the domain of the very wealthy or of the very lucky, but belongs to anyone with a heart and a hand and a mind -- which means it belongs to all of us, equally.

* Because we all know that this is an ideal, whereas the reality is that access is everything and the playing field is NOT even remotely level. Systemic and institutional racism, job loss, health issues, acute family needs -- these are just some of the factors that can and do affect having disposable income for things like writing groups, coaching, and editing services. Things that may sound inconsequential but in fact relate to every single part of our lives as writers.



Please fill out the form below and I'll be in touch! We will proceed according to what funds are currently available. If funds aren't available, I will be creating a wait list for interested writers.

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"The people in Jena's writing groups help each other in so many ways. They help each other in the telling and hearing of stories, and also, in my case, in the monetary donation so I could have the means to participate."

~ Devin Redmond


Thank you for being part of my world. I am endlessly grateful to get to call this my work, and for your kindness, generosity, and humanity.