Jena Schwartz
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Jena Schwartz
Fierce Encouragement for Writing + Life

Space devoted to hearing your own voice.

To thinking out loud. To listening for your own knowing. To taking risks and deepening your trust in the process.


Let’s make some room

  • What do you long to create or contribute?

  • Do you put everyone and everything else first?

  • What if it were easy?

  • Are you tired of the tyranny of being “productive”?

  • Is it time to make more room for yourself?

If these questions resonate for you, our coaching sessions will offer you a strong container for exploring them more fully. You don’t have to come with answers, only a willingness to dive in.



“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves like locked rooms and like books that are written in a very foreign tongue.” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke



In the spirit of Rilke’s timeless wisdom, our work together will offer you room to practice loving the questions themselves. Whether your focus is on your writing, life, or how it all fits together, we’ll focus on three key things: Starting, keeping going, and being good to yourself in the process.


“With Jena’s guidance and support I was able to see how I was sabotaging my own happiness…

…and preventing myself from living my life fully. I was able to recognize and let go of the fear that was holding me back. Working with Jena has changed my life.”


Work with me if you…

  • want to make decisions with greater courage, purpose, and direction.

  • have a book (or other writing) in you and need a creative midwife to support you and hold you accountable.

  • crave more ease, joy, and trust in your creative process.

  • tend to get stuck in your head but want to take action.

  • want to move beyond binary thinking, i.e. good/bad, possible/impossible, right/wrong, unrealistic/practical.

  • value learning, growing, and the restorative power of rest.

  • are ready to carve your own path and discover the jewels along the way.



“Until we know the assumptions in which we are drenched, we cannot know ourselves.”
~ Adrienne Rich



“Working with Jena has been the single most illuminating thing to come along for me in years and years.”



We will meet…

Virtual Coaching Session


In person Coaching Session

In Person


Our sessions will be held virtually or in person at my Amherst, MA office. We will meet to make room for you. Not a better, new, and improved you. Not a you with better hair or a bestseller. You right now, in this present moment. The you who wants to move forward and could use a reminder that you are inherently resourceful, creative, and capable. From baby steps to bold leaps, you set the pace.



“The journey is my home.”
~ Muriel Rukeyser



Our sessions will begin with a check-in, and follow your lead completely.

My job is to hold space for your listening, ask questions, and bring curiosity to whatever arises. In the 18 years I’ve been coaching, everything always comes back to that very simple equation.


Say yes to…

Three Months of Discovery and Action

What’s Included?

Initial Discovery Session
{2 hours}

This initial session lays the foundation for our work together to be rich and productive. As soon as you sign up, you’ll be directed to an in-depth online questionnaire that will give you a chance to write and share where you are, what you want, what’s getting in your way, and what you most want out of our coaching alliance. In addition, you’ll identify your top 10 values, which we will spend a considerable chunk of time exploring together. Our Discovery Session will conclude with actions steps, as well as scheduling our next sessions.



Weekly or Biweekly Sessions
{45 minutes each}

You may choose to meet weekly or every other week, depending on what your schedule and budget allow and what feels best to you. Each session will begin with a check-in about what you’ve been learning and experiencing. These conversations, while organic, are also powerfully intentional and always driven by curiosity, compassion, and deep listening. You’ll have a chance to sit with fear and not knowing, to brainstorm ideas, and to experiment with new perspectives and possibilities. Each session concludes with homework and a plan for the coming week or two. Expect to laugh, ponder, feel challenged, and be met with unwavering support for your process. Most of all, expect to grow.




Discovery Session // $260

Weekly or biweekly 45-minute sessions // $390 or $195*

*per month for three months — payments begin on the first of the month after checkout


Single Sessions

A la carte sessions available anytime



Choose 30/60/90 minutes


“Jena challenged me, supported me, and helped me look at my needs and talents from a different perspective.”


- All of our work together will be honored in supreme confidence.
- Payments for individual sessions must be made in advance or at the time of meeting.
- Payments may also be made via PayPal, cash, or check.
- Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.
- There are no refunds, except in the case of extreme emergencies.

My Commitment

I believe in real life, kindness, and the power of truth and beauty as agents of change -- personal and systemic. My work is informed by Jewish values and influenced by my own journey through motherhood, coming out, divorce, remarriage, and caring for my wife through a period of serious illness. I am committed to continuously doing my own inner work to address internalized racism, unconscious bias, and other blind spots that cause harm. I recognize that conversations about "possibility" must include and acknowledge racial and economic privilege and injustice, ableism, gender inequity, and other dominant cultural paradigms. I seek out teachers who challenge me and hold me accountable, and I respect that we are all learning and growing at our own pace.


“Jena has taught me to question my self-judgment and to be my number one strongest advocate.”