Jena Schwartz
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Jena Schwartz
Fierce Encouragement for Writing + Life

Space devoted to hearing your own voice.

To thinking out loud. To listening for your own knowing, and to living and writing from that place.


Let’s make some room

The world is noisy, and there is so much suffering. I firmly believe that we can best tend to the needs of our fellow humans when we are also caring for ourselves, in touch with what we value most, and feeling valued for who we are.

I do not ascribe to any special formula or school of thought. My work is heavily influenced by Jewish tradition, mysticism, motherhood, and my own journey through coming out, divorce, remarriage, and caring for my wife through a period of serious illness.


“With Jena’s guidance and support I was able to see how I was sabotaging my own happiness…

…and preventing myself from living my life fully. I was able to recognize and let go of the fear that was holding me back. Working with Jena has changed my life.”


Reasons to work with Jena

  • You’re not sure if you need a therapist, a coach, a rabbi, or a muse.

  • You know you need a space where you can listen to the still, small voice that gets drowned out so easily.

  • You feel restricted by uncertainty, by fear, by digital noise, and by staying busy.



I have coached people in their 20s, midlife, and retirement. The common denominator is that the people who walk through my door are thoughtful, reflective, creative, intelligent, and often in some sort of transition, be it inner, outer, or both. They want who they are in the world to match who they are on the inside, and are making room for that process.



“Working with Jena has been the single most illuminating thing to come along for me in years and years.”



We will meet…

either virtually or in my home office, to make room for you. Not a better, new, and improved you. Not a you with better hair or a bestseller. You right now, in this present moment. The you who wants to move forward but forgets that the way to do that is to start exactly where you are. From there, you might take baby steps or bold leaps, or you might not change a thing.


Our sessions will begin with a check-in, and follow your lead completely.

My job is to hold space for your listening, ask questions, and bring curiosity to whatever arises. In the 18 years I’ve been coaching, everything always comes back to that very simple equation. You, me, and a room -- be it virtual or physical or a walk in the woods -- quite literally.



Work With Me

Start + Keep Going

A 3-Month Exploratory Coaching Adventure



What’s Included?


Discovery Session

This is the gateway for all of my new clients. It is a one-time two hour session — because we go deep into where you are before we can talk about where you're going. 

Writing + Life Questionnaire

These are "pondering" type questions, designed to stimulate your thinking in a way that will make our work together more rich and productive. Everything you share here will be a portal to further learning, conversation, exploring, and creating. You may choose to answer some or all of these questions! Trust your gut (always), and know that your responses will be received with curiosity and compassion. We’ll also distill your top ten personal values and all of this will be the jumping off point for our Discovery Session.

1 on 1 Coaching Sessions

We will schedule three 45-minute sessions per month. Each session will begin exactly where you are and conclude with mutually agreed-upon homework. You inner critic, inner perfectionist, and third-grade teacher might all make cameo appearances, but we won’t give them much airtime. After our three months together are up, you will have lifetime access to scheduling a la carte coaching sessions with me on an as-needed basis.



Pricing is income-based. Please select the payment level that best reflects your current economic status.   



Tier 1

You’re struggling to keep up, but craving support. This tier requires a simple application and has 2 spots opened up each month. Anyone can apply, though preference is given to historically underrepresented groups: single parents, people of color, and LGBTQ folks.


Tier 2

You have a fairly comfortable life, including enough cushion for choosing where to invest in your personal and creative growth without undue financial stress.


Tier 3

Your economic privilege allows you to explore and pursue many interests freely. You are generous in your support of others and want to give yourself the same kind of care and attention.



“Jena challenged me, supported me, and helped me look at my needs and talents from a different perspective.”


Schedule a complimentary exploratory call

Have some questions? I’d love to chat!


“Jena has taught me to question my self-judgment and to be my number one strongest advocate.”